Christina Aguilera!

Christina Aguilera did it once again! She literaly blew the stage at this year's MTV Video Music Awards with her brand new single and style "Keep Gettin' Better", which will be included on her biggest hits CD, planed to hit the stores November 2008. Brand new album is expected early next year. // Acone

Christina Aguilera - Keeps Gettin' Better

i cant stop, i cant stop my love, i cant stop...

I have absolutely no Idea who Casely is ...but this track is hot!! My new jam! // Djablo

Casely - Crush

Tellement beau le souvenir, De nos premiers pas

At first i didnt like this song when i heard it first time on the radio but after seeing the video i started to like it. Love the atmosphere sound. 'La Premiere Fois' means 'For The First time" // Djablo

Shy'm - La Première Fois

Ooo I cant believe it..

Damn, this video/ song is nice!! when i first heard this song i thought about what the video would be like and it was just like this! The circus concept is ingenious. Here's also a cover by one of my fav singer, Jojo. Both versions rocks! <3 // Djablo

T-Pain ft. Lil Wayne - Can't Believe It
Jojo - Can't Believe It

Ooohh ohhh ohh whooa ohhh...

New Kids On The Block's second Single, 'Single' featuring mr Ne-Yo. The song is pretty tight!

New Kids On The Block ft. Ne-Yo - Single

I will be here right beside you, every step you take...

The song is amazing! , So happy she's back, can't wait for her album! <3 // Djablo

Brandy - Right Here (Departed)

But I know this crush ain't goin' away-ay-ay-ay-ayy..

Fun video. Fits to the song, thoughts? // Djablo

David Archuleta - Crush

I can't stop missin you, no no no..

This video premiered on august and i really dont know how i could have missed it! I've been waiting for this video for like a good year since the album "Trey Day" leaked..This song is so deep..<3 // Djablo

Trey Songz - Missin You